2023 Games Showcase

The annual Showcase returns on May 20th.

Place: Clark Atrium, Physical Sciences Building Date: Saturday, May 20 Time: 1-4 pm

With the end of the semester, we are once again having the annual GDIAC Showcase. After last year’s success in the Physical Sciences Building, we will once again be using that space. The Showcase will include student game projects from the past year. This includes both a large collection of PC and mobile games.

There are some really innovative titles this year, and we are excited to share these projects with you. Here is just a sample of some of the projects that you will see.

Pivot: This mobile game is an innovative exploration of a 3D world through a two-dimensional perspective. With a custom rendering engine, players are able to explore a mysterious, unseen world through continuously shifting cross-sections.

Reharmonia: This innovative platformer is being called the first mobile “Strand game”. Players have to fill a backpack with cumbersome cargo and then balance their character as they traverse hazardous terrain.

Pantry Panic: In this light-hearted multiplayer mobile game, players attempt to run a kitchen while sending rats to undermine their competitors. The result is an fast-paced mix of alliances and betrayals.

Groove that Goob: Rhythm game mash-ups are popular these days, so how about a stealth rhythm game? Steal dance moves from unsuspecting patrons as you can make your way through the raucous house party.

Munchkey: In this amusing blend of a fighting game with Diner Dash, you must fight off hostile fruits so that you can serve them up in your customer’s daiquiris. As dangerous as the fruit are, they are nothing compared to an unhappy patron.

Bubblegum Bandit: In this interstellar action, you are attempting to steal from a cartel of gum runners. Combine sticky bubblegum with constantly changing gravity to make your way past the enemies.

The Showcase is open to the general public, so that everyone can play and experience these projects. Masking is not required, though we are respectful of attendees that wish to wear them. The Physical Sciences building a large space with modern ventilation. We held the even there last year with no incidents. For more information, see our dedicated Showcase page.

In addition to the exhibits, the public is welcome to vote for the favorite in the award ceremony at the end. Come see what all of the excitement is about, and support our students.