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9 Lives

Using the power of Cali’s nine lives, guide her through life and death to reunite her with her cozy couch back home.

9 Lives combines classic platforming mechanics with innovative puzzle elements that require the player to creatively use death as a mechanic, whether it be by leveraging Cali’s corpses to activate switches, create new platforms, or distract enemies. And at the direst of moments, Cali has another trick in her bell; she can transfer her spirit to reanimate a previous body, which unlocks a new array of strategies that the player can use to navigate and manipulate each level to forge a unique path on the long journey home. But be careful: there’s no coming back after nine lives.

Studios Studios
- Joshua Guo
- CJ Lee
- Cynthia Li
- Sabrina Li
- Kimmy Lin
- Matthew Norman-Ariztía
- Nicole Thean
- Jeff Zhou
- Tanya Zhou
Genre puzzle, platformer
Course CS/INFO 3152
Engine LibGDX

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