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No Screws Attached

Compete against other players to see who is the best at building towers by satisfying increasingly difficult requirements given by some wacky blueprints.

Being among the greatest construction workers in all the lands, players must compete against others to decide who will take the throne. To establish the best builder, players must assemble their structures block by block, strategically fulfill ever challenging blueprints set forth by clients, protect their own creations, and give their opponents the business by stealing from them. Players work in several diverse landscapes, from mountains and cities to the underground.

Sticky Keys Studios
- Dubem Ogwulumba
- Gonzalo Gonzalez
- Harry Dang
- Justin Ngai
- Matthew Guo
- Michael Guan
- Nandini Bhandari
- Peter Buckman
- Xinyue Geng
- Yunqin Wang
Genre multiplayer, physics
Course CS/INFO 4152
Engine CUGL

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