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Help Cupid reunite the world with specialized arrows and prove that no matter the obstacle, true love will never die.

In Plume, a wholesome and thought-provoking puzzle platformer, players take up the mantle of Cupid to bring together lovers torn apart by the wicked Anteros. With only the arrows in Cupid’s quiver, players must not only build paths guiding the two loved ones together, but step to it to prevent the blinded-by-love duo from unwittingly falling to their doom. Players will shoot arrows into walls and across chasms, making new platforms for the lovers to traverse.
But Anteros won’t make things so easy for our hero, or our players. His minions swarm the world, doing all they can to prevent Cupid from reuniting our star-crossed pair. To protect and reunite the lovers, players will shoot arrows to charm the enemies, which warms their heart, stopping their attacks in their tracks and making them safe to hop on and ride. Charmed enemies will also seek out other charmed enemies in a lovestruck daze, making them great vehicles to move around the world - at least until they regain their senses. As they say, all’s fair in love and war.

Beluga Studios
- Anna Henderson
- Hao Chen
- Helen Yang
- Raahi Menon
- Ryun Shim
- Sophia Wang
- Taha Jafry
Genre puzzle, platformer
Course CS/INFO 3152
Engine LibGDX

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